Marshawn lynch
is paying your Service 
You read that right! Marshawn Lynch is going to pay your bill. That's more money spent on you! Did we mention you can MAKE MONEY by engaging in the BEAST MOBILE app!
How does it work?
 Get Unlimited Talk, Text & 1 GB of Data on our 4G, LTE Service.
No kidding, it’s that easy. Sign up now by clicking the link:
Times are tough right now. Big corporations make billions off your data you share with them when you use your phone. Well we want to pay you for that data and provide FREE phone service. It's that easy. 

We've partnered with the country's top carrier covering more than 99% of Americans. That's over 320 million people with its voice and data service, and over 308 million people covered by its 4G LTE network. Keep your phone, keep your number and do away with your cellphone bill.

the lowdown
What’s the catch?
No catch. Purchase a sim card for $10 + Shipping. Keep your number. Keep your phone. Lose your bill. 

What if I want more data?
No problem. You can buy a GB of data for $10 or use the Beast Mobile App, which lets you earn credits for taking surveys, watching ads, or engaging with other personalized offers. The points you earn are applied immediately to your account & can be redeemed for more data! 

What if I want a new phone?
We will have devices available to purchase starting at $99. 

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