You read that right!  BIG Companies are making BILLIONS of dollars off the DATA you share with them when you use your phone. Well we are going to pay you for your DATA and provide you FREE cellphone service. 
How does it work?
Purchase the new NUU X6 PLUS from Beast Mobile for $199. Get Unlimited Talk, Text & 2 GB of Data on our 4G, LTE Service.
Additional Data Available if needed @ $8 per 1GB
No kidding, it’s that easy. Buy now by clicking the link below:
the lowdown
What’s the catch?
Big companies are making billions of dollars off of your data you share with them from your phone. Beast Mobile is changing the way data is monetized by rewarding you with things like free cell phone service, rewards, giveaways, & more. Requires the use of the NUU X6P device purchased from Beast Mobile. Active sim card can not be used in any other device or your service will be suspended.

What if I want more data?
Get an extra 1GB for $8
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